Santiago de Compostela Fly Fishing Trips


In the unlikely event you have not travelled on one of the other routes and are only prepared to prioritise (say) a week in Galicia, you may be able to obtain a compostela by walking to Finisterre and then taking the Muxia extension and returning to Santiago via Olveiroa and Negreira: Total round trip of 202.5 km.

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If you are short of time you could take a bus to either Finisterre or Muxia. Finisterre-Santiago via Muxia is 115.8 km. Muxia – Santiago via Finisterre clocks up a similar 116.8 km. The above variants exceed the minimum of 100 kilometres to credit a bona fide pilgrim to a compostela. While this might entitle you to a free meal at the back of the Parador and discounted travel home, beware its potential cost to ego inflation that might well outweigh any benefits conferred!

The entire route is now way marked (see map front cover) although you will need to be more vigilant than the other more established routes. It makes a delightful round trip along quiet country roads and extensive forest paths. It can be walked in 7 days (Negreira/ Olveiroa/ Finisterre/ Muxia/ Olveiroa/ Negreira/ Santiago) but this allows little time to explore either Finisterre or Muxia. Muxia is an important place of pilgrimage in its own right and forms part of the many routes to and from Santiago. The wave carved rock in the shape of a boat gives the name to the bleak 18th c. Santuario de Nosa Seriora da Barca (boat). The parish Church of Santa Maria has Romanesque elements.

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