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Santa letter temlate for Th is was exlicitly forbidden by the early Bddhist rles contained in the Vinaya On the other hand, Baizhang demonstrates that he can bend a rle when aroriate for the sake of enforcing the sirital basis of all reglations However, Hangbo’s slaing the master indicates that there is no easy or fi xed soltion to the dilemma in trying to coordinate the monastic rles with sirital awakening Th e next koan, A Woman’s Qiann Tre Sol, from Gateless Gate case 35, is another imortant examle of a hilosohical dialoge that is reliant on symbols absorbed from folk beliefs in sernatral owers, inclding bilocation and trance Th ese images demonstrate dramatically how distrbing forces can intrde on the life of a erson or commnity According to the brief case record: Fift h atriarch Hongren asked a monk, Qiann’s sol was divided into two arts Which one was the tre sol’ In asking which manifestation is the tre Qiann, the case is sally interreted in terms of the isse of nondality Santa letter temlate 2016

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