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CAESARIUS of Nazianzus ca. 335 369. Younger brother of Gregory of Nazianzus; object of Or. 7, recipient of Ep. 7 and 20, and mentioned in Ep. 29, 30 and 80, of Gregory; and in Basil, Ep. 26 and 32. After studies at Alexandria he became a doctor at Constantinople, remaining celibate. He remained in office under Julian, not without scandal to his family. Santa Ana Map He survived the earthquake of 368 but died soon after, leaving large debts. An inauthentic dialogue with Gregory CPG 7482; PG 38, 852-1189 is attributed to him. R. Riedinger has studied it at length and is preparing a critical edition. M.M. Hauser-Meury, Prosopographie zu den Schriften Gregors von Nazianz, Bonn 1960, 48-50.

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