San Juan Map

San Juan Map

Facts San Juan
Countries San Juan Map: USA
San Juan Map States: Puerto Rico
Found to San Juan Map: 1509 {Named for John the Baptist}
San Juan Map and Area: 199.2 km2
San Juan Map and Population: 395326
San Juan Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 18‚°27‚²00‚³N66‚°04‚²00‚³W
Time Zone of San Juan Map: UTC‚4
San Juan Map And Codes: 787, 939
Languages of San Juan Map: Spanish, Engl
Religions of San Juan Map: Christans
Interesting places of San Juan Map: Old San Juan, Ocean Park, Isla Verde, Condado, El Morro, Castle of San Crist³bal, University of Puerto Rico located in R­o Piedras

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