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Costa Rica is located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. The country has a population of 3.8 million, with the capital San Jose coming in at 340,000. The people are 96% Spanish descent. CR hosts more than one million tourists each year. National parks cover almost 12% of the country, and forest reserves and reservations boost the protected land area to 27%. Rugged highlands are found throughout most of the country, and range from approximately 3,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Beautiful beaches on the west coast, and there are several active volcanoes (Volcan Arenal, Volcan Irazu). The country has a relatively long coastline in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as a number of rivers and streams that attract expert kayakers and rafters.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise, with exotic jungles, gorgeous beaches, world-class sport fishing, volcanoes, and some of the finest Latina chicas in Central America. CR is so popular for sex tourist industry, chicas fly in from Columbia, Panama, Dominican Republican, even Europe, to handle the overflow of US men and their money. In addition to a sea of local discos, vacation resorts, and nightclubs, San Jose has some 100 massage parlors and brothels for you to choose from. The local girls are gorgeous and dress to kill, hip huggers, midriffs, waist length black hair. They take great pride in looking like sexy mattress monsters. You’re head will be sore from constantly turning around and staring. Fortunately there are no parking meters in town, or you’d be walking into them.

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Climate :

Costa Rica’s year round climate is pleasant with naturally occurring breezes cooling down most of the coastal areas. The rain season if from May to November. We’re talking rainstorms that resemble rivers pouring down from the sky, and then ten minutes later they’re gone; the streets get flooded above your shoes easily. The Caribbean coast tends to be wet all year. The women in the country are nymphos and tend to only have wet seasons. The ‘warm’ dry season is December to May, though temperature differences between summer and winter are slight. San Jose is your basic hot and humid hellhole slum. The average annual temperatures range from 31.7°C (89°F) on the coast to 16.7°C (62°F) inland. Expect 250 days a year of rain.

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Entry and Departure :

From the US, a valid passport gets you 90 days there without a visa. You need a pre-paid airline ticket to exit Costa Rica or proof of financial resources ($400 – $1,000.00 in cash, traveler checks) either to return to your home country or to go to another country. Your passport cannot expire earlier than 90 days from the date that you arrive in Costa Rica. For example, if you are going to fly to Costa Rica on January 1st, your passport cannot expire before April 1st of the same year. If staying for more than 90 days, a valid passport will be required and you must file for a stay extension at the Immigration Department of Costa Rica. Or, you may exit Costa Rica and re-enter. Most tourists visit Nicaragua or Panama – Costa Rica’s neighbor countries – for a day and come back into Costa Rica. A $20 U.S. dollar fine will be charged upon departure from Costa Rica if you overstayed your permitted length in the country.

Once there, put the visa in your hotel safe and carry around a copy of your passport. Departure tax is tax of U.S. $26.00 per person for international flights. The tax payment portion takes only a few minutes though, but the international flight check in can take hours.

Airlines :

The Costa Rican national airline is Taca International Airlines (TA) Taca International flies direct to Costa Rica from Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico and other destinations in Central and South America. The Visit Central America Pass is available from Grupo Taca and is an economical way to travel to Costa Rica from the USA and from Costa Rica to other Central American countries. Major US carriers are American Airlines, Delta, and Continental. Flight times: from Houston is 2 Vi hours, NY is 7 hours, Los Angeles is 11 hours, and London is 12 hours.

Money matters :

U.S. currency is King of course. Bring crisp new bills, avoid $100 bills. The local currency is colones, around 415 to 1 dollar. Best place to transfer money is the hotels, the Morazon in San Jose pays slightly higher than the others. Forget the banks, the line can be hours. Airport currency exchange is likewise a rip off. Never use a credit card to buy colones, there are huge hidden charges. Negotiate all your dates in colones. “this is Costa Rica, honey, not the US.”

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