San Jose Costa Rica Map

Taxis :

The airport is 20 miles from San Jose, i.e., Sin City, and it’s only a $12 cab ride. Skip the rental car, in town it’s a nuisance and a potential liability. Cabs are $1.25 every direction in town, most places are walking distance. The road trips for eco-travel have dirt-cheap transportation included…plus there are no street signs anyway, chances are you’d get lost or maybe end up with your rental car down a cliff the way the rain comes down here. As soon as you come out of the airport there’s a huge line of cabs. Buy your ticket at the well-marked ticket booth, don’t go direct thru a cabbie.

What to Wear :

Skip the typical ugly American clothes, i.e., shorts and Hawaiian shirt. Shorts are rarely seen at all. The girls like a man dressed up with a little class. Or, they like a man in shorts and Hawaiian shirts with a lot of cash to burn. The choice is yours. Costa Rica is real hot and humid. Light shirts are a must. If you travel outside of town, the 5 floor San Pedro Mall has no AC! It’s like a sauna mall. Overall, air conditioning is a unique and exciting concept not found in most parts of the city. The rainy season is a joke, runs from March thru December. The rain starts with no warning and is brutal for about 15 minutes. Be prepared to move fast and get stuck under an awning for a while.

Crime :

Tican criminals are little people, but still creative in their scams. The standard one involves teams while you are walking around town. An older lady will bump into you real hard and someone else will pick your pocket. Keep your money secure elsewhere, don’t carry a wallet, and as always, don’t carry more than you can afford to lose. If you’re winning big in a casino, somebody is probably watching you, and you’ll be bumped outside. Hide the money, walk quickly and confidently. Remember, cabs are $ 1, the town is tiny, and the main hotels are a block or two away. If you won a lot, take a cab.

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Tipping :

Retail establishments add a 10% service charge as well as 15% local tax. Thus, the tips tend to be small, and the tits tend to be large.

Recommended Restaurants :

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Hotels :

To be in the center of the action in San Jose, there are three main hotels you want to choose from.

Hotel Del Rey Avenida Primero y Calle 9, San Jose, San Jose 1017, (888) 972-7272 (

Home of the famous Blue Marlin, ground zero for the girls, everyone here is available. The girls are checked for ID by security, and the problem girls are not allowed entry. The del Rey is around $65 a night. They charge $10 per guest in the room, but they keep her passport and papers at the front desk and check with you before releasing her (all the hotels do). Across the street is:

Hotel Morazon Frente al Parque Morazan San Jose, San Jose 1017, Costa Rica 506 219 2470

Located one block from the del Rey, the Morazan, is around $45 a night, not quite as nice, but they have no guest fee.

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