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Hotel Presidente

Avenida Central entre Calle 7 y Calle 9, San JoselOI7 #506 221 3832 $60 to $100, including breakfast.

Located a few blocks away from the del Rey, the breakfast cafe has the best view for local chica watching seats. No hotel guest fee, but only 1 guest at a time. They have a Jacuzzi on the roof you can rent. Incredible master suite.

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The Game Plan :

The main show is the Hotel del Rey Casino’s lobby bar. There are very few places in the world where you will walk in and be so overwhelmed with the first site. Indescribable. It’s worth going with newbies just to see their initial reaction. OMG Jaw drop. The best way to describe it is a Sports bar brothel. The girls here must all be clairvoyant or something. Every one in there can tell you’re a brilliant and special man, and they all want to sleep with you now…a lot will only need an hour or two to appreciate your magic. A lot of them will spend the night. There are about 60 girls in here at any given time, and maybe 10 guys tops. Also, there tend to be a new batch of girls every hour or two. Date gifts of $100 are requested, just laugh and offer $50-75 worth in their currency. The girls are local ticas, Columbians, Dominicans, and other South Americans. Most are all pro, a fair amount of part-timers as well. The hip hugger bootie pants is the style here. A few hogs, age is generally 18-25 years old. If the girl is aloof and mechanical in the bar, that won’t change later when it really counts. Also, be very specific on what you want on your date, time(two hours), positions, tricks, etc.

The date is best if you pay afterwards. “Pagar cuando terminar.” Tell her this in the bar. A common scam is she agrees, gets back to your room, showers, and when you’re both naked, then she asks for money up front again. Just stand up and get dressed and open the door. Usually she’ll change her mind, if not tell her to take a hike. Try to be a gentleman and make it a pleasant experience. Most will give phone numbers and you can hook up the next day or the entire trip if you’d like. Remember, all the girls talk to each other at the DR, if you’re an ass or a scammer, none of the girls will have anything to do with you after that.

Across the street is Key Largo, which has a live band playing closet classics from the US along with salsa. Ten years ago this was the hot spot, and the rate was just $20. Capitalism reared its ugly head. The club is still trying to find a way to make a comeback. Grab a girl at the DR and take her here. It will lighten her up, it’s a great place for the girls to dance to live music, and a great place to get drunk. The bartenders here are the hottest girls in town. They have great seafood here also.

Live Sex

For a change, check out the Park Hotel lesbian show Friday and Saturday night. At 10 pm, six girls grind each other on top of the bar, using toys, tongues, you name it. The crowd gets oil to rub them down. Non-stop action. Most girls you wouldn’t want, but for a show it’s a must see once time. If you want a stool at the bar for the closest view, make sure you bring crappy clothes to wear, as you’ll be covered in splattered oil from the show.

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