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For meeting local girls, just north of the downtown Holiday Inn is the El Pueblo area, with over 150 bars, clubs, and restaurants. This is a hot spot if you’re under 40, and the locals here are great looking. In fact, you won’t see one overweight girl your whole trip.

Besides this, the whole city has about 50-100 massage parlors. Here is invaluable map detailing all the hot spots as well as the hotels, clubs, and malls. Make sure you print this out.

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Massage Parlors

The preferred spas are New Fantasy, Blue Zone, Idem, 747, Cha Cha, and Oases. NF is around $18 per 30 min date, $34 for an hour. This includes massage, steam room, shower, and other extras. When you arrive, there’s a huge one-way mirror that allows you to look in at the 30+ potential dates sitting on a couch. In Thailand they call this the fishbowl. Its basically a holding pen and quite a sight. Usually peering in will be 10 other guys who haven’t got laid in two years in the US, and now suddenly they are picky and have high standards. Get a grip guys. The girls are 18-22 years old, and the bang for the buck is quite a value…some very enthusiastic performances.

Next up is Idem, a health spa with a bar. You sit and have a beer or 10, the girls are all hovering near the bar. When you’re ready, point to your date. She knows she’s lucky for you picking her, and has a special room to take you upstairs to tell you all about it. There’s a lot more girls here than NF, 23-35 in age, a little better looking, and the dates run around $55. The boss here is named Roberto, he speaks English and can refer you to the best performers for what you’re seeking. Great threesomes can be had.

Strip Clubs

Avoid at all costs, the biggest scam going in CR, they have been known to pad your CC bills three to five hundred dollars.

Ram Luna

For those who spoil themselves, take a girl to this restaurant up in the mountains. In the mountains above Aserri, south of San Jose. Directions for Taxi Driver: Del centro de Aserri, cuatro kilometros sobre la carretera a Tabarca. Tel: (506) 230-3060 / 230-3489

Recommended Dish: “Lomito Mirador,” a beef tenderloin. Dinner entrees range from $6 to $13. Wednesday-night all-inclusive “Tierra Tica” Costa Rican buffet with open bar, live music, typical dancing and festivities costs $28 per person. Fireworks display at night as well.

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