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Vacation Stuff :

Tell the old lady you tlew to Central America to buy a 200-gallon sombrero and some coffee. While you’re down there, grow a handlebar mustache and practice twirling your cap gun.

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Eco-Sporting :

Costa Rica is an adrenaline junkie hot spot. That’s why you went there, remember? There is a fascinating canopy daytrip tour that many people take tour near San Ramon. After climbing several thousand feet up thru dense jungle, you then zip line across a steel rope from one side to the other(100 yards). It’s an amazing thrill because you’re flying thru the air thousands of feet above the rain forest. This is not designed for those who are afraid of heights, over weight and out of shape. Great for group trips.

On the Pacific Coast is the best surfing in Central America, and for windsurfers go to the Laguna de Arenal, located next to the infamous volcano. For snorkeling and diving, try the Reserva Biologica Isla del Cano, 12 miles west of Bahia Drake, off the northern part of the Peninsula de Nicoya and in the Parque Nacional Isla del Coco.

Another favorite vacation activity here is the violent white-water rafting. Outfitters and guides can arrange trips. The Reventazon River (class III) is suitable for beginners, next level up is done at Pacuare (class IV) and the Pascua (class V) rivers. The best times to go are from May to November.

Ri’o Reventazon, in central Costa Rica, is one of the most exhilarating and scenic rivers in Costa Rica for kayakers and rafting as well.

Windsurfing :

Lake Arenal was recently voted one of the world’s top windsurfing spots. Situated at 5580ft (1700m) above sea level, the lake offers its best windsurfing between April and December.

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