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More properly known as dolphin, these colorful gamesters are most abundant from late May through October when the seasonal rains flood the rivers, carrying out debris that forms trash lines close inshore that they like to lie under. Troll past a floating log and you’ll likely hook a dorado.


The first showing begins about the time the rains start in May, peaking in July and August. Most are caught around the rocky points and islands, but you will pick one up offshore.


Available all year, but there are more caught in the Papagayo Bay area from November through March. That may be because more boats in the northernmost area of this region are fishing inshore during those windy months, and the roosters like the structure of the shoreline and islands where they’re found in 50 to 60 feet of water. For the best up to date fishing info and Charter info, go to:

If you’re already staying in San Jose, there’s a travel agency in the Hotel del Rey where you can arrange charter boats trips and shuttle to the water for Vi day, day, and multi day excursions. Going rate is about $ 500-600 for a full day per boat plus about 50 bucks for transportation.

Jaco Beach is about 2 hours west of San Jose on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. If you prefer the finer things in life, stay at Las Suenos Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort. The hotel features magnificent colonial architecture set on the Pacific Coast, (1 hour, 45 minutes from Juan Santamana International Airport) on a 1,100 acre rainforest with an 18-hole championship golf course. Some attractions include: Casino , Spa Services, Tennis Courts, Water Sports, Deep Sea Fishing, and a 250 slip Marina. It’s literally jungle territory, with monkeys in the trees, and Amazon hookers in the bars as well. Twelve miles away is a crocodile safari where the beasts jump out of the water and eat out of the guides hand. He even has most of his fingers. Las Suenos is a resort area specifically designed for wealthy Americans. If you’re looking for lady company there, you’ll have to bring it with you.

Heading out further south is Jaco Beach. For lesser expensive there’s the Hotel Cocal on the beach, it’s got a nice pool decent rooms and is either $59 or $69 a night off-season. Besides the Beatle bar, there is El Centro Disco, at late night, with pro, semi-pro and non-pros late night. Jaco is definitely a weekend only place for action. Also, there’s a few strip clubs, the best being Club Hollywood.

The best chica bar is called the Beatle Bar. It’s pretty much a weekends only club. Jaco is a surfer town, so the bar is full of locals, surfers, and a fair amount of friendly ladies who are dying to hear all your bullshit fishing stories, for a fee of course. The smartest approach is to bring a girl from San Jose with you for an overnight trip with you. She probably has never been to the area and it will greatly enhance your outing. Interview well.

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The nicest beach in the area is Manuel Antonio. Best place to stay is the Costa Verde Hotel. By the way, Grey Line Fantasy Tour bus shuttles back and forth from the Best Western Irazu.

There are two towns that people go to for sport fishing, Quepos and Jaco. Jaco has average to lousy fishing, with a great hooker bar full of 40 to 50 girls. Quepos is outstanding for fishing and lousy for the chicas. Last trip in 2 days we caught 24 sailfish. The choice is up to what your true goal is.

Casinos :

There are 5 casinos in downtown San Jose. Forget Vegas, picture your local bar with a couple tables. The Tropical next to the DR is decent. A lot of the shy semi-pros hang out here as the competition for men is fierce at the Hotel Del Rey, where you’ll spending most of your trip. Our favorite for layout is the Colonial. The main casinos are walking distance from each other. Hotel del Rey Casino, Hotel Morazon, Binions Horseshoe and Colonial. Binions and Colonial are the only ones with craps. A quick note, pay close attention if playing craps there, the dealers change every 20 minutes, and they often have little understanding of the payouts or betting rules for that matter. Craps gives the best odds here. And you can bet double odds on the PASS/DON’T PASS and the COME/DON’T COME lines. The Colonial is the only one with real roulette, the rest play canasta, which is the same betting board, but they use a lottery spinning wheel to pick the numbers. As far as the slots go, in CR they can set the machine’s payoff to any percentage; there is no minimum as in the States. The local games of Rommy looks like Blackjack, but a natural 21 pays even money rather than 1.5-1; however, you get 3-1 for three of a kind or a 3-card straight flush. Tute is Caribbean Poker. It’s a version of 5-card Stud Poker, each player out to beat dealer instead of each other. The Colonial and Horseshoe are the only places that deal from the shoe in blackjack.

Remember, there is no Gaming Commission here, thus nobody to whom you can complain. The owners, managers, and pit bosses may or may not enforce the rules. The games are not regulated nor do government authorities observe them.

The best advise is don’t ruin your vacation by playing the casinos right out of the gate. Have a few days of fun and lust, and then give it a shot. At the del Rey, look for the young hotties pretending to play the slots…the kind that are shy and intimidated by the stigma of being a primetime hooker in the snake pit. You’ll feel like Jim and Marlon in this discovery /one….bring you’re fake Rolex and feast on the prey with reckless abandon.

Club Colonial Casino

Avenido Noveno y Avenido Undecimo, San Jose +506 258 2807 Table Games – 7 total.

Roulette, Craps, Let it Ride, Baccarat, Poker, Rommy, Blackjack See this link for all the Costa Rican Casinos ( )

There arc some decent sports book rooms as well in town. The Morazan on the second floor is a great setup for betting or just kicking back and watching multiple screens.

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