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San Diego for Initially applied mostly to smoking cessation e.g. di Clemente et al. the existence of stages of change’ have now been reported in many behaviours e.g. smoking cessation, cocaine use cessation, taking up exercise, consistent condom use, sunscreen use, weight control, radon testing, reduction of dietary fat intake, mammography screening, and even the modification of delinquent behaviour Prochaska ; Prochaska et al The model makes two broad assumptions that people move through stages of change; and that the processes involved at each stage differ, thus it meets several of the requirements outlined by Weinstein. n Stages of change The stages of change proposed by the TTM are stages of motivational readiness and are outlined below, using dietary behaviour as an illustration n Pre-contemplation a person is not currently thinking of dieting, no intention to change dietary intake in next six months, may not consider that they have a weight problem. San Diego 2016.

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