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Sample letter of intent for The invention and innovation of the Eli WHITNEY's cotton gin was a key technological catalyst for the growth in low-cost, slave-based cotton production that allowed U.S. planters to dramatically expand their markets, both domestic and foreign. Indeed, when one considers intra-regional export, in addition to export to foreign markets, it seems likely that most of the crops generated from the slave plantations were destined for markets outside of the region of origin. This generated sizable cash flow for the slave masters, but tended not to have quite as dramatic an impact on income growth in the region because of the sharp income inequality associated with slave-based production.

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Sample Letter Of Intent

On the other hand, rapid growth in exports from family farms, whether international exports or production for the growing urban areas, generated income growth that was more egalitarian and had a more dramatic immediate impact in creating domestic demand for manufactured consumer goods. The frontier, the railroads, and uneven regional development. Sample letter of intent 2016.

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