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Samle cover letter for Hxley 1825 95, a biologist and advocate for Darwin’s theories, once remarked that the toian notion of taking from each according to his or her ability and giving to each according to his or her needs is well realized in a hive of bees Among societies of hmans, of corse, the goal is a good deal more difficlt to achieve5 In hman societies, one is confronted with the needs and abilities of niqe individals rather than identical members of classes or castes Rendering jstice to individals is an insiring ideal and a danting charge It entails institting and holding reasonable laws, reserving liberty within accetable limits, and exercising good jdgment The classical nderstanding of jstice”rendering to each what is de”was formlated at the very dawn of olitical theory, nearly two and a half millennia ago It has been vigorosly debated ever since Samle cover letter 2016

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