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Salihli City Of Turkey for Compelled to rely on their own resources or those plundered from neighboring states, the Axis powers intensified their autarkic economic policies during the war. At the outset, the Allied countries likewise attempted to maintain business as usual; but the collapse of FRANCE in 1940, the near-bankruptcy of Britain by the spring of 1941 and the grave danger in which the United States found itself compelled them to adopt of new and radical expedients. Nonetheless, in mobilizing their economies for war, the principal belligerents found themselves driven to pursue broadly similar policies. The outcome of the war, consequently, is attributable more to the natural advantages, or otherwise, enjoyed by each of the combatants than the success or failure of their economic management. For GERMANY and JAPAN, the ability to wage aggressive war constituted, from the mid-1930s on, the principal rationale of their economic planning. At the time of his accession to power in 1933, Hitler’s first priority had been job creation. The volume of resources devoted to re-armament was initially small because there were few munitions projects that would have had a significant short-term impact on unemployment. Salihli City Of Turkey 2016.

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