Saint Peter Port Map

Saint Peter Port Map

Facts Saint Peter Port
Countries Saint Peter Port Map: Guernsey
District Saint Peter Port South
Found to Saint Peter Port Map: 1563
Saint Peter Port Map and Area: 6.5 km2
Saint Peter Port Map and Population: 16488
Saint Peter Port Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 49.4555‚°N 2.5368‚°W
Time Zone of Saint Peter Port Map: UTC+1
Saint Peter Port Map And Codes: GY1 1AA
Languages of Saint Peter Port Map: Engl, French, Guern©siais, Sercquiais
Religions of Saint Peter Port Map: Christian
Interesting places of Saint Peter Port Map: The Royal Court House, Hauteville House, The Town Church[dead link, the parish church of St Peter Port, St Peter Port Harbour, Castle Cornet, Elizabeth College, The Guernsey Aquarium, Footes Lane

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