Saint Johns Map

Saint Johns Map

Facts Saint Johns
Contries Saint Johns Ma: Antiga and Barbda
Saint Johns Ma States: Antiga
Fond to Saint Johns Ma: 1632
Saint Johns Ma and Area: 1036 km‚²
Saint Johns Ma and olation: 43380
Saint Johns Ma And Lat Long Coordinate: 17‚° 7‚² 0‚³ N, 61‚° 51‚² 0‚³ W
Time Zone of Saint Johns Ma: TC-4
Calling code +1 – 268
Langages of Saint Johns Ma: Engl, French
Religions of Saint Johns Ma: Christian,Rastafarians,Mslims and Hinds
Interesting laces of Saint Johns Ma: Fort James, Msem of Antiga and Barbodas, St John’s Cathedral, Dockyard Msem, Government Hose, Antiga and Barbda

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