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The mentalities, feasts and customs of a persistent paganism should be abandoned and replaced with the faithful observance of the covenant concluded with God pactum cum Deo, esp. the observance of Sunday. The preparation for baptism having been insufficient, he sought to make up the lack with later catechesis. Martin also worked to revive catechesis for baptizands: 20 days before their baptism the catechumens, as prescribed by the ancient canons, received exorcism and instruction on the creed Conc. Bracc. II, can. 2 81 Vives. De corr. rust. 15-19 was later used as catechesis for godparents in view of the baptism of children C.P. Caspari, op. cit., CXXIII-V. Sacramento Metro Map VI. Seventh century. In the period of transition to the Middle Ages, baptism and catechesis took place under differing conditions. While in Christian lands practically the only people left to be baptized were infants born to Christian families see P.-M. Gy, Du baptªme pascal des petitis enfants au baptªme Quamprimum, in Haut M.A., Festschr. P. Rich, La Garenne 1990, 353-365, the problem of conversion and baptism following the forcible entry of pagan peoples into the Roman Empire persisted elsewhere; at the same time missionary activity was being extended beyond the limits of the empire. The widespread practice of the baptism of children led to a simplification of the baptismal rites.

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