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The Black Forest : From the middle Rhine the road leads south into the Black Forest. It is a charming, sunny cluster of secondary and high mountain ranges, named ‚“black‚ because of the dark firs in the dense woods. Excellent roads traverse the entire region. The thatched-roof peasant architecture is found only here, as are the colorful native costumes, particularly the women‚„s headgear, differing in each valley. Baden-Baden is the doorway to the Black Forest and Lake Constance. The Black Forest is rich in curative thermal and mineral springs. In addition to the cure service, there is plenty of activity. You may gamble at the casino, play tennis and go trout fishing and horseback riding, and play golf on a lovely 18-hole course. During ‚“Baden-Baden Week‚ at the end of August,, international society assembles on Iffesheim Race Court to watch the most famous stables compete for the Grand Prize. Among the well-known hotels are Brenner’s Parkhotel, Badhotel Badischer Hof, Europaeischer Hof, Hotel Runkewitz, and Badhotel zum Hirsch. The doorway to the southern Black Forest (Hochschwarzwald), is Freiburg (im Breisgau), where the magnificent minster stands. Before leaving the Black Forest, a stop might be made at Badenweiler, a charming spot where spring comes early and whose healing waters were used by the ancient Romans.

The German Alps : Another stretch of great scenery in Germany is the German Alps, the high-mountain chain extending from Lake : Constance in the west to the southeasternmost border of the country, some 150 miles. The quaint peasant architecture of the mountaineers, their picturesaue garb and simple hospitality are enchanting. Through-/ out the area there are many mountain huts’, hotels and shelters. While most of them are of the plain type the Alpinist would expect, there are also hotels which cater to more exacting tastes. The climb has been taken out of mountain climbing in Germany for those who do not wish to exert themselves. The nearly 10,000-foot Zugspitze near Garmisch-Partenkirchen {Golfhotel Sonnenbichel and Kurhotel Wig-ger) and Mittenwald, the 8,904-foot Watzmann, the Maedelegabel near Oberstdorf, and all the other mountains are comfortably reached by mountain railroads, cogwheel railway and chair lift. In the German Alpine country there are many health and recreation resorts, including thermal spas. Of the gems in mountain settings, the Koenigsse National Park is considered the most beautiful. It is surrounded by natural rock walls 6,500 feet high. Of the many castles and palaces in Bavaria, best known abroad are the palaces built by King Ludwig II, the great friend and patron of Richard Wagner; Herrenchiem-see, Linderhof, and Neuschwanstein. The wealth of art treasures which these palaces and cathedrals, such as Steingaden, Wieskirchen, Rotenbuch, Oberammergau, and Ettal, contain is astounding.

Weser Hills Country:This is another most charming region in Germany where all the characters in the Grimm Brothers‚„ fairy tales and the Baron Muenchhausen tales are at home. Sleeping Beauty‚„s castle, Sababurg, still stands in the woods. Baron Muenchhausen‚„s hunting lodge is now a pilgrimage place for romantic souls. The tombstone of the much maligned Doctor Eisenbart is in Hannoversch-Muenden, where the doctor‚„s memory now is honored every year at a colorful folk festival. Many picturesque little towns line the Weser River banks, among them famous Corvey Abbey, founded a.d. 822, and Fuerstenberg, known for its porcelain. There are several popular health resorts, like Pyrmont Springs, Oeynhausen and Wildungen.

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