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Saarc map for It has also prompted the development of economic research paradigms such as the theory of second best, which defines policy implications for situations when Pareto-optimal solutions cannot be attained and an optimum optimorum can consequently not be found. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Paul A. Samuelson, Foundations of Economic Analysis (Harvard University Press, 1947); Amartya Sen, Collective Choice and Social Welfare (North Holland, 1970); Aimo Trn and Antanas Zilinskas, Global Optimization (Springer-Verlag, 1989). WOLFGANG GRASSL HILLSDALE COLLEGE 624 optimorum of market Orientalism and Eurocentrism THE TERM, ORIENTALISM, is used at least in four senses: 1. Specialized, purportedly objective, often classicist study of Asian and African cultures, languages, and literatures 2. A European artistic approach to depiction of Asia and Africa in paintings, novels, poems, movies, and other genres as primitive, exotic, depraved, bizarre, mysterious, and lascivious 3. Saarc map 2016.

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