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S Pierre & Miquelon(FR) Map on Most people no longer needed the land for subsistence; industry now needed the land for raw resources such as minerals and fuels. From the Industrial Revolution came surplus production, a diffusion of labor-saving products, and the shifting of humans from land ties toward industry ties. Complex financial, production, and delivery-system needs led to the development of a civilization infrastructure of unrivaled complexity in world history. Capitalism had arrived and the role of land was changed forever. During the 20th century, land changed from a needed resource for survival to the key natural resource in surplus production of finished goods for early capitalistic societies. Land was now needed for cities to grow upon, industrial and post-industrial resources to be harvested from, and goods to be moved across. Most industrial economies of the last century saw land-based agriculture, as a share of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP), drop from 60 percent or more to less than 15 percent, on average. S Pierre & Miquelon(FR) Map 2016.

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