Russia Survival Guide

Central European, Euromoney Publications, Nestor House, Playhouse Yard, London EC4V 5EX, England, ph. (71) 779-8597, fax (71) 779-8689. A monthly magazine covering business and finance (mainly the latter) in Central and Eastem Europe. A mix ofbrieffocus articles and shorter ‚Ëdeals done‚„ pieces. Also features brief announcements of new joint ventures. (ISSN 0962-2543; 10 issues/ yr.; 40-80 pp.; $460)

Commersant, c/o Refco Publishing, 111 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604, ph. (312) 930-6500. The English version of Riissia‚„s home-groum business weekly nervspaper is available in the West ivith a delay ofusually ttuo iveeks. The Westem version is a stripped-douin ‚ translation oftheRussian original (which is now a daily), but retains the original‚„s distinct editorial style. (MVeekly; 24-30pp.; $265)

Countertrade Outlook, DP Publications, Box 7188, Fairfax Station, VA 22039, ph. (703) 425-1322, fax (703) 425-7911. Provides intelligence on ftnandng irade, projects and opportunity finance in Russia and other forex-short markets through such reciprocal tradeforms as barter, counterpurchase, buyback, clearing, su/itch, ete.. As much oriented at folloioing legal and organizational developments in intemational countertrade as in citing deals done. (48 issues/yr.; 4 pp; $488)

Country Report: Russia, The Economist intelligence Unit, 40 Duke Street, London W1A 1DW, ph. (71) 493-6711, fax (71) 499-9767; in the US: Business International, 215 Park Ave. South, New York NY 10003, ph. (212) 460-0600, fax (212) 995-8837. A quarterly round-up ofpolitical, foreign policy and economic developments in the Commonwealth. Astute and cogent analyses, with clear presentations of economic information. More space given to larger economic andpolitical issues, less to business developments. Subscription also ineludes a country profile. Economist also publishes three other Country Reports, on the Baltics, Central Asia and Ukraine. (Quarterly; 25-40pp.; $315)

CurrentDigestof“iePostSavietPress, 3857 N. High St., Columbus, OH, 43214, ph. (614) 292-4234. A weekly publication which translates articles from the Russian and Commonivealth press and/or abstracts them. The translations are specifically intendedfor teaching and research, and although translations typically appear about 6 iveeks after publication in Russia, this is an excellent source of background reading on politics and economics. Indexed quarterly. (ISSN 0011-3425; Weekly; 30-40pp.; $780)

Delovie Lyudi: Business in the Ex-USSR, 330 West 42nd St., S¼ite 2600, New York, NY 10036, ph. (212) 629-4460, fax (212) 629-4463. This monthly magazine is theproduet of a Russo-French joint venture and the publication is put out simultaneously in English and Russian. The u/riting is done almost entirely by Russian staff (thus the English is a translation) and is oriented as much at its Russian as its Westem audience. In addition to monthly special reports on sectors of the economy, it features iisually insightful portraits ofprominent business people.

It has a unique Opportunities feature ivhere everythingfromjob to trade opportuni-ties are offered. (ISSN 1167-2137; Monthly; 100-120 pp.; $85).

East-West Business Analyst, Debos Oxford Publications, Ltd., Kennett House, S¼ite 2, 108/110 London Road, Oxfoid, England 0X3 9AW. As the title indicates, this monthly publication focuses on ali ofEastem Europe. Typically an issue focuses on a single country and is very ‚“econometric‚ in approach, relying on presentation of tables and graphs, as iveli as severalpages ofnews. (Monthly; 8-10

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East-West Business and Trade, Welt Publishing, 1413KStreet, NW,S¼ite 1400, Washington, DC 20005, ph. (202) 371-0555. One of the oldest periodicals in thefield, this bi-iveekly has a distinctive ‚“deals concluded‚format. Concise and very eclectic in the neivs items it covers, a subscription to this publication includes a complimentary subscription to the monthly East/West Technology Digest. (Bi-iveekly; 4 pp.; $249)

East-West Executive Guide, World Trade Executive, PO Box 761, Concord, MA 01742, ph. (508) 287-0301, fax (508) 287-0302, fax (401) 454-2005. Features longer, in-depth analyses of current issues. Has a distinctly juridical bent and features articles contributed mainly by practicing legal professionals and business people, yet serves as a bridge betiveen specialized legal literat¼re and the general interestpublications by focusingon case studies and the ‚“hoiv-tos‚ of doing business in Russia and Eastem Europe. One of the best. (Monthly; 28-32pp.; $5 76)

East-West Investment and Joint Ventures Neivs, Economic Commission for Europe, UN, PalaisdesNations,CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland, ph. (22) 917-1234; fax (22) 017-0036. Monitors and analyzes legislative acts and other regulations on foreign investors‚„ access to and adivities in the countries of Central and Eastem Europe. Also contains statistical reports on foreign investment in the region, revieivs of recent publications and announcements ofupcoming meetings of interest to investors. (Quarterly; $80)

East European Investment, Dixon & Co., 119 Fifth Ave., 8th floor, New York, NY10003,ph. (212) 388-1500, fax (212) 254-3386. Coveringthe entireregion, including theformer Soviet Union, this magazine includes a few articles on finance, but the majority of the publication is given over to a listing of joint ventures signed, acguisitions and other new foreign investments in the region. (ISSN 1063-4029; Quarterly; 175 pp.; $580)
Russia Survival Guide for Where lumps in the breast are found, some women may have a small operation involving a fine needle aspiration or a biopsy to identify the nature of any lump. Following this procedure, women may be told that the lump is benign known as a false positive result or that it is cancerous and requires some form of medical or surgical intervention a true positive. This process is clearly stressful, and while some women may be reassured following these various procedures, others appear to remain anxious for a long time. Austoker and colleagues e.g. Brett and Austoker , for example, followed a cohort of women who had experienced a false positive result. These women reported higher levels of anxiety than a group of women with an initially clear result for up to a year after their initial assessment. Russia Survival Guide 2016.

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