Round-the-World RTW Tickets and Fares For India Travel

Round-the-world (RTW) ticket is a special fare that enables one to fly to multiple cities and continents. These fares are sold through airline alliances and agencies that specialize in RTW travel, and they can help you save money and organize your itinerary. Round-the-world travel is a concept followed mostly by Westerners – purchasing power is certainly a factor in this, although I feel that culturally Westerners are more adventurous and hence inclined to just take off on a sabbatical for a few weeks or even months to go round the world. I am sure that there are some enthusiastic travellers in India as well who would love to consider RTW travel. This is especially recommended for students and retirees. Of course, it should not deter a full-time employee or businessman to take few weeks off and take advantage of the convenient pricing and flexibility of RTW tickets. Your trip can include just a few stops at the country hub or more stopovers and offshoot trips from these hubs.

You should consider a RTW ticket if youre traveling to multiple countries and continents within the same trip. Note that the distances involved are substantial and hence simply travelling in Europe on RTW ticket will not make economic sense. You are better off with Air or Rail passes for such trips. You can plan your itinerary of preferred places along with a timeplan (time at each place and time to travel). Next, use one of the airline alliances or the usual fare search tools to plan and get a RTW ticket.

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The three global airline alliances allow you to book RTW tickets on any or multiple member airlines to create one continuous trip. You can plan the trip on the embedded map so you can get a graphical view of your itinerary. The given tool will ask the trip members (adults and children), then on the map, you select the cities you wish to visit say, Bangalore > Istanbul > London > New York > Los Angeles > Tokyo > Hong Kong > Bangalore. Next, you select the flights individually along with the preferred dates. You will be presented with options for each sector of your trip. After you select the flight for the first sector (e.g. Bangalore – Istanbul), you will be presented with similar options for all the other sectors along with the dates. Experiment and choose at various dates and times. You can save each itinerary so you can come back to it later. Once you finalize the most convenient or economical itinerary, then research each leg of your trip on the other tools I have mentioned before -tabulate this on a spreadsheet and compare with your RTW fare. Do this for all of the airline alliances. It is possible that multiple airlines in an alliance may be offering some promotional discount or the alliance itself may be doing so and therefore the RTW ticket may be less than the sum of the sectors calculated by other tools like ITA Matrix.

Fares are calculated based on the total mileage of your trip or the number of continents you visit. You are permitted anywhere from 2 to 16 stopovers in a period of 10 days to a year. You will generally need to book the first sector or leg of the trip in advance and after that you can either have set dates or have open tickets within that one year. There may be restrictions on which direction i.e. it should be continuous westwards or eastwards and perhaps also on how many miles you can fly. One advantage of booking your around-the-world ticket through an airline alliance is that youll be eligible to earn frequent flier miles toward the airline loyalty program of your choice.

All of the alliances have sample itineraries which you simply follow or you can use another free online tool at for research. This site also offers more tips and information on RTW fares.

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