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Rough guide to south africa on He survived the controversy, moving on to become military advisor to the Philippine Commonwealth before retiring in 1937. After Pearl Harbor, MacArthur returned to active duty, escaping the Philippines before they fell, then leading troops in the slow drive across the southwest Pacific to Japan. At war’s end he presided over the Japanese surrender ceremonies aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay. With the war ended, MacArthur headed the occupation force that rebuilt Japan. Already a legend with over 30 years’ service, MacArthur made probably his most lasting contribution to history during his five-anda- half years as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan, when he oversaw the development of capitalism in the conquered nation. Japan’s surrender was unconditional, leaving the Japanese in no position to negotiate their reconstruction. MacArthur was charismatic and willing to rule by fiat. Rough guide to south africa 2016.

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