Rome has been a magnet for foreigners ever since the Goths sacked the city and moved in. Its featured attractions need little introduction. Millions of Americans come to this hub of Western civilization every year, and many of them refuse to leave. The weather in Rome is superb. Though it lies on roughly the same latitude as New York City, palm trees lazily grow out of ancient ruins, and the most you’ll need to wear in winter is a lightweight jacket. That alone is reason enough to move in, but Rome’s history is its greatest asset. The aura of the ancients is present in every little act of modern life in Rome, whether it is setting an appointment to meet friends in front of the Pantheon, driving to work on the Appian Way, or coming home late at night to your apartment behind the Colosseum. The eternal monuments are a constant reminder of the greatness of this city and the wisdom its people have attained through the centuries.

Indeed, while the monuments are what initially attract foreigners to Rome, the Roman way of life is what makes it so hard to leave. These people have spent millennia identifying the essential and enduring elements of life, and the answers almost never include work. On any given afternoon, welldressed Romans will let the hours roll by at lunch, then glide off on their motorini to their next appointment with pleasure. Few seem bothered with such banausic preoccupations as a paycheck. This feature of daily life will be off-putting to those who demand efficiency, but for those armed with sufficient patience and seeking a relaxed lifestyle, there really is no other place to be.

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