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Romantic vacations for The Gospel account, however, strongly connects the Star itself with the birth of the Messiah. Fourth, this theory is unable to offer a plausible chronology of events. According to Martin, the Magi saw the sign marking the Messiah’s birth on September , BC, and yet delayed departing for Judea more than months until, after all three Jupiter-Regulus occultations, the King Planet had a conjunction with Venus on June of BC; or months, until the massing of planets on August , BC! And then it took them or months to travel there! Fifth and most important, this hypothesis’s interpretation of Jupiter’s movements in ? BC is not consistent with ancient astrological principles. For example, no magus would have regarded Leo as the constellation or sign of Judea, nor Regulus as the Messiah’s star. Moreover, there is no basis for the claim that the movement of Jupiter relative to Regulus would have been paradigmed as crowning. In spite of its recent increased popularity, therefore, the ? BC hypothesis can be safely discarded. Supernatural Phenomenon Many have assumed that the Star was miraculous in nature at least as far as Matthew was concerned or merely a group visionary experience of the Magi. Romantic vacations 2016.

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