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The Banat Mountains

The annual average temperature is 10°C. There are natural reserves at: Cheile Nerei Beusni{a, Cheile Carajului. Portile-de-Fier, Valea susarei, Cheile Garlistei.

Tourists can visit: Cheile Nerei, The Devil’s Lake, Ochiul Beilui Lake and Carauslui Fortress, Valea Caraului, Pejtera Comamic and the natural century-old beech forests at Izvoarelei Nerei, the largest and most compact virgin forest in Europe.

Climbing the Piatra Craiului Mountain


From the total number of natural reserves and monuments in Romania, the eighth part is represented by caves. Romanian caves were first mentioned in the 17th century, international speleological and geographical literature frequently mentioning them. However, the truly noteworthy speleological discoveries on the territory of Romania were made in the 20th century, when the former explorer of Antarctica, Emil Racovita, came back to his native country and founded the first speleological institute in the world at Cluj-Napoca.

In Romania there are a few thousand caves, but, according to the laws in force, only 50 may be visited by travelers. These natural cavities, some of them situated at altitude higher than 2.000m, others containing glacier or subterranean lakes, are among the most attractive natural touristic objectives in Romania.

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The longest cavity in Romania is The Wind’s Cave, in the Padurea Craiului Mountains, which is 50 km long.

One of the best-known subterranean touristic objectives is the Muierilor Cave, situated in the Deperssion of Oltenia, on the territory of the Goij locality Baia-de-Fier. Muierilor Cave is the most visited Romanian speleological objective, and the main gallery of the subterranean cavity is electrically connected for the comfort of the tourists.

Another subterranean touristic destination is the Bears’ Cave, a cavity discovered with the occasion of a random dynamiting, which took place in 1975. The cave became a touristic objective is almost entirely electrified.

Visitors may find extremely interesting and out of the ordinary caves in the Luncanilor Platform, in the area of Hateg Depression. There are here more than 30 caves, most of them being still crossed by water courses.

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