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Artificial insemination in dogs has been used for about twenty years. The AKC requires a veterinarian’s certificate of confirmation regarding the breeding. Actually the procedure should be performed by a veterinarian, as many laymen have produced uterine infection in their bitches.

Where natural breeding cannot be accomplished, artificial insemination should be attempted. I would recommend artificial breeding to any breeder who is not successful with a problem bitch, but certainly natural copulation should be attempted first. Also, it is possible through artificial insemination for a stud in one part of the country to breed with a bitch in another part of the country. Frozen semen is now available for that purpose.

The technique involves depositing the semen, with a syringe, into and through the cervix. Conditions must be absolutely perfect; correct temperature of the syringe and the absence of any sperm-killing chemicals are among the primary requisites for successful results.

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Riverside/San Bernardino Map Tourist Attractions

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