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Rio de Janeiro for n Maintenance keeps up with the dietary change, resists temptation. While the above stages are the five most commonly referred to, there are also n Termination where behaviour change has been maintained for adequate time for the person to feel no temptation to lapse and who believe in their total self-efficacy to maintain the change. n Relapse di Clemente and Velicer acknowledged that relapse where a person lapses into their former behaviour pattern and returns to a previous stage is common and can occur at any stage. This is therefore not an additional stage found at the end of the cycle as an alternative to termination. People do not necessarily move smoothly from one stage to another. For example, some individuals may go from preparation back to contemplation and stay there for some time, even months or years before re-entering the preparation phase and successfully moving on to action. For others action can fail, maintenance may never be achieved, and relapse is common. Rio de Janeiro 2016.

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