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Resme temlates for They are often born as otcasts, sbjected to contless setbacks and reworkings, and arged for and foght over dring long eriods of cltivation before their time finally arrives Many others langish in obscrity or are forever lost to memory Still, Hgo is right: ideas can become owerfl agents of social and olitical change As Max Weber attemted to demonstrate, ideas constitte effective forces in history Nevertheless, ideas do not have indeendent standing aart from the material conditions within which they develo Emloying a term coined by the German oet, novelist, and laywright Johann Goethe 1749 1832, Weber seaks of an elective affinity between articlar ideas and their coexisting forms of social and olitical life That is to say, there is a good robability, bt no certainty, that articlar forms of thoght will develo ot of and contribte toward the formation and maintenance of articlar forms of social and olitical organization Resme temlates 2016

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