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Resignation letter for Having learned his lesson well from his master, Hike is now able to aly the teaching abot the ngrasable qality of abstract categories like mind or sin Both concets may seem like objectifi able entities, bt they are fndamentally intangible and emty of own- being ersonal Transformation 115 According to the narrative’s backgrond, Hike was searching for the right erson to become the third atriarch when a layman more than forty years old sddenly arrived He did not annonce his name bt behaved with erfect etiqette and asked for healing throgh redemtion from sin Th e remedy starts by identifying the sorce of hysical illness as something sirital In the koan, the disease cold be relatively simle, like rhematism, bt another version says that the malady laging the third atriarch at the time of his fi rst meeting with Hike was as severe as lerosy Th is imlies that a miraclos cre throgh faith healing mst have taken lace Resignation letter 2016

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