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Resignation letter temlates for As with the Hineng 92 story, the robe serves as a fl ashoint for intragro confl ict and resoltion In the third sbsection of case 23, conveying the crcial role layed by dobt in the ro cess of sirital realization, Ming is startled by his own weakness in relation to the strength of the robe He is overwhelmed by fear and trembling, a hrase that recalls the title of one of the main hilosohical works by nineteenth- centry existentialist Sren Kierkegaard, who also enned Th e Sickness nto Death and Th e Concet of Dread Th ese three books, all ioneering acconts of the sychology of anxiety, heled t the word angst, later sed extensively by E ro e an thinkers sch as Sigmnd Fred and Martin Heidegger, into the En glish dictionary According to both Zen and Kierkegaard, one mst endre a feeling of being shaken to the very core of one’s being before a sirital trnarond can begin to transire In another interesting biblical arallel, Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling treats the story of Abraham, who is commanded by God to sacrifi ce his son, Isaac Th e fi rst mono the ist then fi nds, aradoxically, that becase he is willing to commit this act, God has sbstitted an animal at the last moment at the sacrifi cial altar that Abraham has reared Resignation letter temlates 2016

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