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Aft er the meal, the master led the assembly behind the temle gates, where he sed his staff to ncover the carcass of a wild fox lying nder a large rock Th e fox corse was cremated in accord with the reglations for Bddhist fneral rites Th e fi nal art of the case indicates that later in the eve ning, dring his sermon in the main blic hall, Baizhang told the crios congregation the whole story concerning the dialoge abot casality and its aft ermath Th ereon, his discile Hangbo asked, Th e old monk was transfi gred into a wild fox for fi ve hndred lifetimes becase he sed an incorrect hrase Sose his hrase had not been incorrect, what then wold have haened Th e master relied, Come here and I’ll exlain it to yo Aft er hesitating, Hangbo aroached Baizhang and slaed him Th e master, claing his hands while laghing, exclaimed, I thoght it was only the barbarian [Bodhidharma who had a red beard, bt here is another red- bearded barbarian! Th is case is nsally rich in terms of sernatral and rital elements involving the mltifaceted enconter between a mysterios visitor making a reqest and Baizhang, the creator of the re Rles, also known for a strict adherence to the notion of a day withot work is a day withot eating Resignation letter samle 2016

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