Resignation letter sample

? Aft er the meal, the master led the assembly behind the temple gates, where he used his staff to uncover the carcass of a wild fox lying under a large rock. Th e fox corpse was cremated in accord with the regulations for Buddhist funeral rites. Th e fi nal part of the case indicates that later in the eve ning, during his sermon in the main public hall, Baizhang told the curious congregation the whole story concerning the dialogue about causality and its aft ermath. Th ereupon, his disciple Huangbo asked, Th e old monk was transfi gured into a wild fox for fi ve hundred lifetimes because he used an incorrect phrase. Suppose his phrase had not been incorrect, what then would have happened? Th e master replied, Come up here and I’ll explain it to you. Aft er hesitating, Huangbo approached Baizhang and slapped him. Th e master, clapping his hands while laughing, exclaimed, I thought it was only the barbarian [Bodhidharma who had a red beard, but here is another red- bearded barbarian! Th is case is unusually rich in terms of supernatural and ritual elements involving the multifaceted encounter between a mysterious visitor making a request and Baizhang, the creator of the Pure Rules, also known for a strict adherence to the notion of a day without work is a day without eating. Resignation letter sample 2016.

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