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Relaxing vacation destinations for 1 Th e Relation between Transcendence, Transformation, and Transmission Transcendence Transformation Transmission ersonal, Individal Commnal, Instittional Sirital Enlightenment Monastic Management 82 roblems are de to external objects, then he mst be reminded to nderstand that nothing, inclding a solid stone, stands aart from the mind, which is the basis of all hman ercetion Bt, shold the trainee then take this instrction too literally, the master will robably mock him for carry ing heavy rocks in his head No single standoint on its own is considered strictly either tre or false, bt each in its own artial and limited way has the otential to disclose trth Frthermore, several main rhetorical atterns emerge from scanning diverse cases, inclding discorse based on emhatic negation of conventional categories, a reversal from reviosly held views, oxymoron or non seqitr to disarm the interloctor by disabling his deendence on logic, and aradox, in which oosites at once collide and are broght into harmony Regardless of which of these strategies is sed, the aim is to hel lace the ractitioner in closer roximity to or even all the way throgh the roverbial gateless barrier that leads to transcendence By nderstanding how varios narrative and rhetorical techniqes fnction in classic collections of koan cases, we can see how the gate can be crossed and to what extent this is accomlished with ease or diffi clty Relaxing vacation destinations 2016

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