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End of dive policy: Depending on the conditions and divers’ experience they may call the dive when the first person reaches 70 bar or allow two divers who are low on air to ascend as a buddy team along the buoy line carried by the dive leader.

Main attractions: In season mantas, whale sharks, humpbacks, over 300 species of nudibranch, crocodilefish, leopard sharks, hammerheads, bullsharks, frogfish, whitetip reef sharks and large stingrays. There are also wrecks for tech divers and much more.

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Humpback whales enter the bay in late June and leave in October. Peak season is July to September. Although whale shark sightings have been rare lately, tagging research shows they are still coming to Zavora. This is nudibranch paradise: over 250 species that are known of and likely many more to be discovered! They are found year-round.

Note: Peak season for whales runs from July to September. There’s a slight chance of rain between November and February; it is windy in August, and sometimes also in February and March.

Wobbegong divers stay at Nhanombe Lodge in a bush camp setting behind the beach dune. It is peaceful and quiet, suiting everyone, including families. Party people enjoy the bar. Campsites are available with hot showers and an electrical point. They also offer snorkelling, ocean safaris, a small library and horseriding.

Service is our top priority. We do everything possible to make our guests happy. All of our staff are passionate about diving and excited to show our guests the beautiful dive sites around Zavora. Our chef will be your host for meals and take care of your personal requests for breakfasts after your first dive. We have the best pizza in the area, made in our own wood-fired pizza oven. Join our pizza evenings for a whole lot of fun. We are dedicated to making your stay and dives with us something to remember. Join our family!

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