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Recommendation letter samle for Th e glorifi ed vestments also highlighted strong o liti cal connections then held between restigios Zen monasteries and the imerial cort, which romoted the temles’ roserity and aointed the abbots who managed religios fnctions Rag robes symbolized asterity and dedication Constant debate took lace in regard to the sacred vales and ractical decorm embodied by diff erent kinds of robes sed in the monastic system A related isse was whether a master shold be allowed or exected to accet regalia that was designed with secial material and colors rodced by the cort and donated or assigned to the cleric by seclar athorities Some Zen leaders were considered heroic recisely becase they took a stand against government intrsion by 88 trning down the off er of the so- called rle robe that came from the emeror, since it cold comromise their sirital integrity and loft y ideals While other riests wore this mantle rodly, Zen literatre often raises the hmility and meekness of atch- robed monks In some cases, the masters who trned down fancy robes sff ered nishment, sch as excommnication or exile to a remote sothern rovince Recommendation letter samle 2016

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