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Recife Metro Map on Though Kuwait is a small country, it has massive oil reserves. In the 1970s, Kuwait benefited from the dramatic rise in oil prices. The economy suffered from the triple-shock of a 1982 securities-market crash, the mid-1980s drop in oil prices, and the 1990 Iraqi invasion. The Kuwait government-in-exile depended upon its $100 billion in overseas investments during the Iraqi occupation. With a GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) of $31 billion and a population just over 2 million, the government has sponsored social welfare, public works, and development plans financed with oil revenues. But as a desert country, Kuwait must import or distill 75 percent of its potable water. Despite calls for political reform, the ruling family continues to hold all major ministerial posts and severely limits women’s rights and suffrage. Recife Metro Map 2016.

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