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Recife Map Tourist Attractions on An asset that is cash equivalent is generally considered to be as safe and as liquid as cash itself. Loosely speaking, these are assets with a maturity of three months or less such as Treasury bills, short-term certificates of deposit, and money-market funds. The cash flow that is related to the raising of funds from investors and the returns to investors is summarized in the section referred to as cash flows from financing activities. Typically, a balance sheet, an income statement, and a statement of cash flows comprise important financial statements for a firm and are used to evaluate the condition and performance of the firm.

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Recife Map Tourist Attractions

These statements are typically included in a company's annual report as well. The financial statement may thus be used to evaluate the historical or past performance of the firm and enables an assessment of the firm's strong points as well as weak points. In fact, other common financial statements include a statement of stockholder's equity and a statement of changes in financial positions.

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