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14-15 Hoxton Market, N1 020 7739 8212 Branch: 140-42 Stohn St, EC1 020 7253 7234 Open lunch & dinner Mon-Sat The moribund London Greek restaurant scene was given a life-saving shot in the arm when Theodore Kyriakou opened this stylish place in 1999. Dishes rarely encountered outside Greece are cooked with conviction and served with a smile.

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Family Systems Theory A family, regardless of its structure, is a system made up of interdependent members who interact and affect each other in a mutually responsive way. An event in one family member’s life has a ripple effect, touching all members, and their reactions, in turn, affect the person who initially experienced the event. Thus, a parent’s job loss affects the couple’s relationship and children, as we saw in the last travel when we looked at the effects of economic hardship. A child’s or parent’s illness has a similar broad impact on the family. Difficulties in relationships between two or more family members can spill over and affect everyone.

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