Hi this is Aggie trouble in her shoes and today’s Monday and that means well on the motivation series part five radius to five year today. I only have three words of motivation for you an inspiration and these three words are raised your standards this seems to be the number one rule when it comes to getting the next level of accomplishment in life whenever you talk to the biggest leaders in the world they say the one big difference of they made that made a big change in their business and in their personal life was raising their standards and by that they mean not being okay with mediocre lives not letting other people treating them badly not letting not being satisfied with just an okay achievement they want to have the best out there how many times did you have a situation when you have a girlfriend and she’s been like the biggest in the world and you’re like how can she possibly let him treat her like this that’s it’s So bad and thank you almost more angry with her for staying with him then you are then with him because he’s just an idiot but she’s like oh my god girl like you have to like know to treat yourself better things the choices for you you might not see it because of course it’s the hardest when it’s our life but you can be like this relationship is okay and when did. I decide that.

I can have an okay relationship it doesn’t mean breaking out with that person it’s making sure that relationship with that person its outstanding whether it’s with your parents with your siblings they do not settle for an okay life raising standards and make amazing beter standard and then your entire life will live up to your expectations. I cannot possibly tell you and begin to tell you how it works for me it’s amazing it’s not easy though because a lot of times raising your standards involves thing no to a lot of projects because you’re not getting paid enough or the conditions are not great for you or people offering you these conditions just undervalue you right like oftentimes it’s about work a lot of times it’s about seeing your friends around you and seeing well this person is very draining. I don’t even like that friends and they are always. So mean to me and, I almost don’t want to have them in my life why are they in my life because my standards of friendship is very low, I’m okay with what it is. I have to then talk to these people like you know what. I can have amazing friendships. I can have French.


So I can rely on people and, I don’t have these conversations these little worldly problems that you’re creating that. I can possibly see. So you can either go with me and be on the next level where we can talk ideas we can change the world or we might have to see each other less. Because I can’t deal with this drama. I have done this a few times especially recently where, I’m like, I’m not dealing with your drama you are a very negative person. I don’t see the value in this relationship whatsoever and, I don’t really think you like me because if you really like me and respect me you wouldn’t be treating me like that. So again raising a standard. So I did. I did raise my standards for my friendships for my love relationship, I’m not okay with a lot of things. I don’t think just if you. I don’t take them for granted. I feel like no it can be good and, I have to tell you this was not easy. Because I am a very loving person. I love having friends and, I always take a lot of people just like that because, I’m like oh do you mean it was just want to be nice. So raising my standards and telling someone listen you’re very negative. I can’t do it anymore it was very hard for me. I decided to love myself more and, I can’t make anyone else is happing there’s one person training me all the time and it’s hard for me it’s not fair for the people. I love the moment you raise your standards and decided your life can be not only awesome but absolutely outstanding that’s where the fun begins alright that was it for money motivation. I hope post make sure you subscribe to my blog all the usual subscribe comment like seeing on Instagram and Facebook you know you know the drill. I keep repeating the same thing every week because it’s important for me to connect with you and be as much in touch. So you don’t miss another episode right that would be horrible if you miss another episode sorry man alright cool must’ve left you happy the rest of the week. I’ll see you next week bye.

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