Rabat Map

Rabat Map

Facts Rabat
Contries Rabat Ma: Morocco
Rabat Ma States: Rabat-Sal©-Zemmor-Zaer
Fond to Rabat Ma: 1146
Rabat Ma and Area: 117 km2
Rabat Ma and olation: 620996
Rabat Ma And Lat Long Coordinate: 34‚°02‚²N6‚°50‚²W
Time Zone of Rabat Ma: TC+1
Rabat Ma And Codes: +212 – 537
Langages of Rabat Ma: Arabic,Berber, Tamazight
Religions of Rabat Ma: Islam
Interesting laces of Rabat Ma: Hassan Tower, Chellah Sala Colonia, Kasbah of the dayas, Agdal, Masolem of Mohammed V, Rabat Archaeological Msem

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