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Qinny stroller for Th e area rnning between the monastery and Great Sblime eak, where he meditated in reclsion, was robably fi lled with hts and hermitages Th ese sites were mostly for irreglar ractitioners, althogh monks from the temle sed some in order to create a solitary and desolate atmoshere condcive to meditation A nmber of rominent hermits lrking near the smmit oft en had to fend off tigers rowling in that area According to another dialoge making fn of the sitation, Baizhang and his main discile Hangbo talked abot whether the latter was able to sbde any dangeros tigers dring a tri to this eak Th en, following the discile’s irreverent resonse of roaring ferociosly, Baizhang referred to Hangbo as a tiger Th e leading qestion in this case inqires of Baizhang, What is extraordinary’ Th e term for extraordinary that is commonly sed in varios kinds of Chinese folklore indicates the mysterios and anomalos realm of existence encomassing sirits, srites, and otherworldly beings Th e meaning of the term is very similar to the notion of the marvelos that has been sed as a way of characterizing medieval E ro e an literatre abot the veneration of Christian saints and the incororation of some agan beliefs Qinny stroller 2016

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