are not determined in their sitation, their fnction, their ercetive caacity, and their ractical ossibilities by conditions that dominate and even overwhelm them38 Focalt is allding to the methodological standards for creating or transmitting scientific knowledge that silently strctre the intellectal world in which scientists oerate How scientists come to view the world, their role in it, and themselves, Focalt sggests, is largely a rodct of the dominant mores within their social and rofessional environment Mch of ostmodern theory investigates the ways we come to nderstand and treat orselves, or fellow hman beings, and or world as a reslt of or socialization In this sense, Focalt’s ostmodern roject might be seen as the reversal of Hobbes’s modern roject Hobbes hoed to escae the anarchical war of all against all that erts among fearfl, isolated individals in a state of natre Qebec 2016

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