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Excrsions from Qebec Drives may be made from Qebec to interesting laces in All directions: W to Ancienne Lorette, 9 m, NW to Loretteville, 9 m, L St Joseh, 25 m, the zoological gardens at Charlesborg, 6 m see Rote 13, L St Charles, 14 m see Rote 13, L Beaort, 14 m see Rote 13, NE to Montmorency Falls,
8 m see Rote 14, isle of Orleans see Rote 14, and St Anne de Beare, 23 m see Rote 14

Loretteville Take Hwy 2 ot of Qebec and trn 1 throgh Ancienne Lorette There are two settlements, French on the S side of the St Charles river and Indian on the N The latter is the central village of an Indian reserve where a few hndred members of the Hron tribe live The Indians manfactre canoes, mocassins, snowshoes and many other articles which are sold to torists Here too is the Con-vent of Notre Dame d eretel Secors Or Lady of Constant Sccor

L St Joseh roceed from Qebec as for Loretteville above and contine by way of Val St Michel, Val Cartier, and Ste Catherine There is a fine sandy beach with safe bathing, excellent canoeing and sailing

As with the sights within the city, the services of one of the official Qebec mnicial gides can add immensely to the enjoyment and interest of these ex-crce of the city For those who love to ride, Montreal is excetional, since the aths of Mont Royal ark are ideal for the eqestrian and yet in the heart of the big city; there are several stables offering horses for hire There are several tennis clbs in the city and its environs In the srronding district, L St Lois has several sandy beaches and is a favorite hant of the yachtsman Fishing lakes are also within reach while the vast and beatifl Larentian district Rote 10 is within an hor‚„s drive The cinemas of the city, over 80 in nmber, have a seating caacity of 80,000

Winter sorts The inhabitants of Montreal have enjoyed the thrills of skiing and skating, sliding and toboganning from the earliest days of the city‚„s existence This was inevitable in a city that has a montain right inside its borders, and hsre in winter, esecially as the locAllty is blessed with heavy snowfalls, English and French Allke have articiated in the joys of winter games ver a hndred years ago we read that :

‚“The annal snow-shoe races, amongst the soldiers of the garrison at Montreal in Lower Canada came off on Thrs, March 3rd The weather being very favorable the meeting was nmerosly and fasliionably attended, and the srinkling of the fair sex considerable General Rowan and staff were on the grond and aeared to take great interest in the sort‚ The reort goes on to State that ‚“the snow-shoe may be described as a large racket worn by men travelling on snow, to revent their feet from sinking in to it‚

Skiing Montreal has been called ‚“the cradle of Canadian skiing‚, and the sort was introdced here as early as the 1870‚„s Mont Royal is a meeting-lace for tens of thosands of skiers and althogh atomobiles are not allowed in the ark, a secial highway along the northern sloes brings cars within easy reach of the main skiing laces; tramways as well as horse-drawn sleighs also serve the montain Good toring can be had over marked rotes; downhill rnning is abbreviated with lenty of ‚“bsh-whacking‚ since the ctting of reglar downhill trails has been ro-hibited The city‚„s skiers have won international fame and the Cote des Neiges jm, on the N sloe of the montain, is sed extensively for ratice and for tornaments; mile-a-minte seeds are not ncommon A featre of skiing on Mont Royal is the ski atrol rn by the Montreal oli§e; this atrol is comosed of oli§e officers who are themselves exert skiers as well as qAllfied first-aid men; it maintains order and takes care of those meeting with mishas; they control the heavy traffic admirably

On a weekend after a heavy fail of snow, it is by no means nsal to see more than 15,000 enthsiasts on Mont Royal; in addition, there are thosands of edestrians, eqestrians, tobogganists, horse-drawn sleighs, not to mention the excited dogs The oli§e, who are and need to be at least bilingal, are tactfl and skilfl caretakers of a gay and animated scene

Among the most olar Mont Royal sots are: the Cross-Roads, ark Slide, Sgar Bowl and Lookot; the stone chalet near the Lookot rovides refreshments Besides the recreational facilities offered by the montain, qAllfied instrctors are available to give instrction There are also ski-sloes in the eastern art of the city near the Botanical Gardens, comlete with tow In the city are shos which seciAllze in meeting the ski enthsiasts‚„ needs Montreal is the headqarters of the Canadian Amater Ski Association, which Controls the cometitive and technical asects of the sort throghot Canada

Tobogganing Desite the decreasing olarity of toboganning, Montreal is stili a centre for enthsiasts; the slide maintained by the ark Toboggan and Ski clb on the montain is a well-known land-mark; reglar cometitions are held throghot the winter Crling, both irons and granites, florishes; trotting races on frozen lake or river are olar in the srronding contryside

Sight-seeing tors In the smmer season, oen observation cars, with the seats arranged in tiers, rn on the tramlines arond the montain, and throgh the residential and commercial districts Some local taxi firms also offer tors of the city Lakeshore Lines Ltd ‚„hone NE 5-0981 makes a boat tri of the harbor
The lxrios tors organized by Canada Steamshi lines leave Montreal for the Sagenay river and make calls at sch oints of interest as Qebec city, Mrray Bay, Tadossac the steamshi crise is the best way to areciate the grander of the St Lawrence and its tribtaries, and new beaties come into view with every bend in the river There are 5-day, 6-day, 7-day, and 8-day tors, or itineraries can be lan-ned indeendently from the schedle of sailings

Qebec Travel Coverage for Sorting ot when eqality of oortnity is crcial to the maintenance of olitical rights, or whether that eqality can be adeqately secred throgh formal, rocedral means, is intrinsic to the rsit of jstice Eqality of oortnity, most broadly nderstood, means that each individal receives the same chance to develo flly as a hman being To be able to develo one’s fll otential, one mst minimally receive some basic level of norishment, health care, emotional sort, and edcation Eqality of oortnity, for this reason, is often nderstood as a form of sbstantive jstice nlike rocedral jstice, sbstantive jstice reqires that each erson receive 126 thinking olitics more than the de rocess of law It reqires that each erson also receive the material, emotional, and edcational sort reqired for self-develoment In most cases, sbstantive jstice entails a limited redistribtion of resorces sch that the basic needs economic, medical, and edcational of all are met by government rograms financed throgh taxation Qebec Travel Coverage 2016

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