Puli Khumri City of Afghanistan

Puli Khumri City of Afghanistan for After only two months of courtship, Wilson announced their engagement. Also in 1914, Western Europe became embroiled in the military conflict that would become World War I. Although Wilson maintained American neutrality in an attempt to preserve his role as a world mediator, the United States increasingly offered economic assistance to the Allied forces. Growing hostility between the United States and Germany was intensified in the spring of 1915 when a German submarine sank the Lusitania, a British passenger liner. Amid the ongoing struggle, Wilson was renominated for president in 1916. Bolstered by the slogan, He kept us out of the war, Wilson defeated Republican Charles Evans Hughes by a narrow margin. However, German aggression persisted and in April 1917, Wilson signed the declaration of war. Puli Khumri City of Afghanistan 2016.

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