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If you’re going to spend some time in Puglia, you should stay at one of the trulli. It is an experience like no other. Many hotels and rental agencies offer trulli accommodation, one of the best of which in Alberobello is called, quite simply, Trulli Holiday (Piazza A. Curi, tel. 080/432-5970, www.trulliholiday.com, ‚59 two-bedroom unit). Here you can rent trulli of all sizes by the night, or by the week (or even buy one outright). There is also a beautiful new communal pool, with the little domes acting as the backdrop. FOOD Here, selecting a specialty off the menu is going to be a lot easier. Puglia has a lot to offer the culinary world, from fresh sea urchins to involtini to lovely cheese dishes, but if you’re in Alberobello it is obligatory to have the orecchiette al ragu, the little ear-shaped pasta that comes with a spicy tomato sauce and small shreds of greens. And the best place to get it is at La Cantina (Vico Lippolis 8, tel. 080/432-3473, www.ilristorantelacantina.it, 12:30 3:30 P.M. and 7:30 10 P.M. Wed. Mon., ‚10 16), an Alberobello institution.

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