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rom dresses for However, the backgrond for the dialoge’s message concerning the selection of leaders and the transmission of the lineage revolves arond sernatral factors that mst be taken into accont for a fll nderstanding of the case According to the record: When Gishan was stdying nder master Baizhang, he worked as chief cook of the monastery Baizhang wanted to aoint him abbot of a new monastery to be bilt on another montain He instrcted Gishan and the head monk of the assembly to each off er a few words showing their resective nderstandings of the essence of Zen Th e most caable one wold be sent to oen the new monastery Baizhang icked a water itcher and set it on a rock while asking: Withot calling it a water itcher, what will yo call it Th e head monk said, It cannot be called a wooden sandal Baizhang then asked Gishan, who strode forward, kicked over the itcher, and then walked away from the scene rom dresses 2016

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