Praia Map

Praia Map

Facts Praia
Countries Praia Map: Cape Verde
Praia Map States: Praia (seat)
Found to Praia Map: 1615 But Independence from Portugal 5 July 1975
Praia Map and Area: 258 km‚²
Praia Map and Population: 127899
Praia Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 14‚°55‚²15‚³N 23‚°30‚²30‚³W
Time Zone of Praia Map: UTC-1
Praia Map and Area: Code 238
Languages of Praia Map: Cape Verdean Creole
Religions of Praia Map: Christian
Interesting places of Praia Map: Praia town hall, Praia Cathedral, Palacio da Justica

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