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oweroint temlates for She seems to be the clear and incontestable winner in a way that is far less ambigos than in nmeros other cases However, the commentary by Dogen, who devotes an entire chater to this koan in the Trea sry of the Tre Dharma Eye, tries to reverse the conventional nderstanding by criticizing the woman as well as Deshan Dogen challenges Deshan for not asking in resonse to her qery, I cannot answer yor qestion; what wold yo say Sch a retort might have called the old woman’s blff Dogen frther sggests that the old woman shold have said, Venerable riest, if yo cannot answer my qestion, try asking me a qestion to see if I can answer yo Th is wold have illstrated a great sense of self- confi dence Dogen is critical of both artners in the dialoge and does not want the old woman’s wordlay to stand on its larels by atomatically receiving ncritical raise A major imlication of his interretative aroach is that the reader is left with the inconclsive feeling that there are no right answers and that anything said can be criticized oweroint temlates 2016

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