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As for Ambrose’s method, he recommends that catechists pay attention to the dispositions of the listeners. Portugal Map Tourist Attractions With pagans, the catechist must draw inspiration from Paul’s discourse at the Areopagus see Katechese = K.: RAC 20, 425; for Jews, from the Bible In Lc 6,104-106 CCL 14, 211-213. To catechumens before baptism, and to listeners or readers, Ambrose speaks of sacraments only with veiled hints Ch. Jacob 121-129, using sacramental allegory ibid., 147. He descibes figures and events of the OT and NT, on the one hand, as prefigurations of Christ and the church and, on the other hand, as type and figure of the sacraments. The biblical typoi of the sacraments offer the basic framework for the presentation of the prophetic and mystical meaning of the OT and NT Ch. Jacob 188; F. Bergamelli, Ambrogio di M.: J. Gevaert ed., 29-30. N Italy: Zeno. From the bishop of Verona an African? are 90 Tractatus in two books CCL 22. Some of these were used in a liturgical context; some are baptismalEaster or moral homilies C. Truzzi, Zeno, Gaudenzio e Cromazio. Testi e contenuti della predicazione cristiana per le chiese di Verona, Brescia e Aquileia, Brescia 1985. Zeno’s exegesis is typological. His homilies are rich in references to baptism, esp. for candidates to baptism and neophytes. In the liturgy of the Easter Vigil Zeno presents the sacramentum Passionis with many OT figures, and the sacramentum resurrectionis, prefigured by the paschal lamb and by Jonah. Zeno’s catechesis refers to OT typlogies of baptism, esp. the crossing of the Red Sea 1,46; 2,26; cf. Ambrose, De sacr. 1,6,20. The new vine is a figure of the ecclesia mater, whose neophytes are novellae vites tender shoots; the bishop, the rusticus farmer; 1,11,3, who with his workers presbyter; 1,41,3 cares for the catechumens with frequent preaching 1,37,10; Ambr. Ep. 20,14, esp. during Lent 1,19,2. The favorite theme is baptism as a new birth resulting from the marriage between Christ and the church 1,3,3 in the light of liturgical symbolism, the womb is the church 1,55, the bosom is the church gremium ecclesiae 1,3,7 and the church is the alveum genitale the generative canal 1,49, the tomb and place of life see Cyr. of Jer., Cat. 20,4; J. Plumbe, Mater Ecclesia, Washington 1943, 94-97. Hence the effects of baptism: regeneration and divine sonship; the neophytes become brothers, members of a people 1,24, they form the corpus Christi 1,55 and have begun an eternal life 1,46,3. Baptism is essentially a paschal mystery; initiation culminates with catechesis on the Eucharist 2,13,187; G. De Paoli.

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